2020… can go away! Hi

But since I am stuck at home… here is my newest project. We had SO MUCH fun the first time… thought we’d try it again..,

Well 3 weeks in the house and I have a feeling it’s going to be a touch bit longer.

So IF people are as bored as I am… help me put together another Holmes cookbook. It can be something you love, your mom/dad use to make… or your grandma… heck even a neighbor. We ALL totally loved the first cookbook. So let’s pass this message around and see if we can beat the size of last book. Not sure what it will cost to print one up… but last time they were like $12? I don’t remember…

So here are the guidelines:

You can send in up to 6 recipes, tell WHO you got it from.

Is there a memory attached to it? Do you always think of when you smell it cooking? Please tell a short story about it.

Do you have a photo of a person attached to recipe, or do a photo of someone in your Holmes line.

Have a picture you want to share of a child/children? Be sure to give name and age.

Please send recipes to:


Pass this email around to your kids and family… let’s make this fun and something you can have for a long time… you can even give one as a gift.

I won’t set a “get in by _______” date yet because who knows right now when I can print it up.

Please please please work with me here…

Thank you in advance!

So help me out okay…let’s have fun pass around and please share!

2020 and this WILL be a great year!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday season. But now that it is over… Time to get myself together.

I have decided that this year there is going to be changes.

The first change is.. I hired a trace on my Holmes line. The first one I got back was fantastic.. they referenced ALL of MY own information. Needless to say I was rather upset with that. As it was not a cheap venture. So I went to Ancestry.com and hired them. And this defiantly is NOT a cheap adventure.

I have thought-  if things go good this year, I would like to have a “park potluck”. I would call it a reunion, but found people dont like that word either.. so potluck seems more fun. Hopefully by then I will have some information from Ancestry.com that I will share. My researcher is very well known on : Who do you think you are…  🙂

Hopefully when I get back to Spokane, I will make up some notebooks on the family to sell.. hopefully by then I will have info that I can also put into there.

AGAIN… I would seriously appreciate any information or photos you are willing to share.

And please feel free to pass this site around:


and I have a lot of photos and info on my site “Spokt” I believe you have to be invited to that, as it is a private site. But you can see if you can get on its:

Spokt, Thomas Holmes Family

Take care..  and I am looking forward to hearing from you.. for real!!!!

sitkasky51@gmail.com (put Holmes in subject line)


(aka: Carolyn)



AND… lol yep always forget something

Okay well I am about to lay it all out there for those that are asking me all kinds of questions…

I have, ” Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura”, or something like that. They are still in the diagnosing stages. But getting closer to knowing. We just know something is attacking my platelets. Normal platelet low is 150,000. At 40,000 they are concerned greatly at 30,000 you tend to start having problems. At 20,000 you are considered a bleeder and they are gravely concerned!!! My platelet count was at 7,000. What took me into the hospital to begin with was I was dizzy and my heart was pounding. I thought.. it was heart problems, since they run heavy in this family and I do have some also. But the VA is just exceptional for drawing blood!!! When you go into the Urgent Care. And they did… several times. They even thought the lab messed up and made them come back and redo the blood draw. Once results were back, I was sent to a 5 day stay at Sacred Heart. They gave me IVs for 4 days of prednisone and the I could come home the 5th day!!! The next text after the last does showed it was coming up, It had gone to 92,000!!!

Went the next couple of days with no testing and when tested it had come down to 15,000 ☹ so another week of prednisone. This time it only went from 15,000 to 32,000. And yesterday it was 48,000. Not good this go around. We found that my platelets are “prednisone dependent”. Which means IF I go off the prednisone then my platelets will crash.

Also found when my platelets go low, so does the magniseum and I need IV of that, because it messed with my heart and gives me massive headaches.

After every other day in the Urgent Care at the VA, I was sent back for a CT scan because of a possible blood clot. At the VA they found with prednisone that when my blood pressure goes sky high (because of prednisone reaction, I have high sensitivity to it and crazy reactions) that my oxygen levels would crash. It would panic them when it hit 60-70… (hypoxia), but I would sit there and talk to them and get my heart rate up and I would be okay. Well that is when they became concerned about a blood clot. So was sent to the hospital. Luckily no blood clot. Which is great. I don’t need anything more to deal with.

Then yesterday was my first appointment with the blood doctor, He is new and works at Cancer Care NorthWest. I don’t know about the good or bad of this place. But I was treated really good and I seriously like this doctor. He asks questions and digs deep for answers AND.. he wrote everything out for me on paper, so I had what he said and I wasn’t second guessing myself. That in its self is a miracle!

So I had to go back to the lab, because I had mentioned way back they said something about the HLA B27 gene. After 18 tubes of blood… hopefully Monday I have some very valuable answers.

We start tapering (stepping me down) off the prednisone and then next week I start a 4 week treatment of Rituxan. And that will help get me off the prednisone. Placing a lot of hope in one drug.

Oh and before I close… no it is not cancer, all the other blood level indicators that MIGHT signify cancer, are good. This is an autoimmune disease. Unknown type at this minute.

And yes, my trip to England/Scotland has been canceled. Its okay though. I would rater treat it here then get over there and not have my doctors or stuck in a hospital or.. who knows. So safer for me not to go.. besides I feel I am more important then a trip .. one which I can also make again.

Its all good.. Lets get this figured out and get my life back.. because I sure don’t like this.. prednisone is bad juju to me.. but I will take it. I WILL do what it takes. My will to live is way strong then the will to give up!!!

I will occasionally post updates.. and thanks everyone for your concern and well wishes.. ❤ ❤

Posting info below if you are interested:




So… many changes 😐

Two months ago I was starting the process of getting ready to leave/pack for England/Scotland!!! Five years… count them 1,2,3,4,5 😊 finally the Clan Gathering AND bonus… The Military Tattoo!!!i was so stinking excited… and my cousin and her husband was going.. oh it was going to be so much fun… everything quadruple checked!!!

June …middle of… my world started to crash… in real life.. I did decide this but my body did to have an auto immune disease.. not typical… nope “rare”. So I am to stay home and next 6 months… year, life go through treatment. One it becomes more stabilized … I will travel again… but with all the Ps and Ls in place.

Hopefully I can attach more on here about this… but meantime, next post will be about what I know about Clan Gathering and HOW to get people back from FB shutting down my ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion site. All I know is they said inappropriate actions? 😐 I have no clue????

So please you know anyone that was on there… pass this site along! Thanks

Coming Back… to life…

Please… if you are on here and YOU WERE on Facebook… ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion

For some reason they have disabled my account on Facebook. From what I understand it was disabled over something I said or did vs a virus BUT since they won’t answer me? I have NO clue!

SO please if you were on my page on Facebook and you know anyone that also was… please direct them to here and have them be sure to click on- FOLLOW.

Thanks all…


If you are checking out this page… I am no longer writing on it, at least until something exciting happens.. so mean time PLEASE check out the face book page


Feel free to send it to others in the family and have them come check it out.. YES it does say reunion as if I change it I will loose it. So it stays as a reunion page and who knows perhaps one day there will be another one. So go to Facebook, check it out PLEASE PLEASE leave your name, how connected and a photo if you have it scanned!!

Look forward from hearing from you and as always you can reach me at : sitkasky@msn.com

and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all of you 🙂



Just in planning stages

I am planning a “genealogy trip” to Ireland for 2017. Not sure the when yet, but it will be the Northern part of Ireland. Not only do I hope to find some kind of information, but I hope to sneak in a quick hello to my cousins in Donegal!

The BIG trip will be for the Clan Home Gathering in August of 2018 in Ireland! Yep.. so excited about going to that. And Scottish you say… yes, it is there. MY THEORY is.. our Holmes (once way back Home) came from Scotland into Ireland. I use to think the stories were crazy.. NAH we’re Irish… well Scotts-Irish.. and I have to admit.. even my DNA shows Scottish Ancestry.. its like the 4th or 5th generation.. but ya… it’s there. Plus it will be a marvelous time to see the Home Castle


hume_castle_1000-1000x294Borders Visit & Clan Gathering 2018 Dates

November 19, 2016NewsCharles Home
In early November, Gos Home (Chairman of the HCPT) and Charles Home (CHA Convenor) spent a few days in the Borders, staying as usual at Mansefield, a brilliant B&B at the eastern end of Greenlaw, run by Pippa & Tim Culham. They are, in addition to being excellent hosts, mines of local information and their place is unreservedly recommended.

The Borders looked beautiful. Clear blue skies and autumnal trees showed the area off at its best.

The task there was twofold:

Firstly, now that the extra land to the south of Hume Castle is in Association and Trust hands, meetings had been set up with Tweed Forum, the Borders Council and Historic Environment Scotland in Edinburgh. These meetings were very positive and a path forward, towards the goal of archeological works showing parts of the original Hume village on the castle slopes, was identified.

Secondly to start planning the main locations for the Clan Gathering in August 2018. The Gathering dates have been set for the weekend of 11th and 12th of August with possible events on the Friday 10th and also Monday 13th. More details about these venues will be available once firm bookings have been confirmed. It seems a long way away, but plans have started, hopefully to make the 2018 Gathering the best yet. Some task after the huge success of the 2013 event, admittedly, but very doable.

The time spent around Hume was fast-paced and exhilarating. A wonderful reminder of how fortunate we all are to be associated with such a beautiful landscape, people and ever-intertwining story.


I also know.. through DNA testing that our Rev William Holmes (two of them) of Islandmagee and Donegal both attended seminary school in Scotland. Plus we have also had a cousin do extensive research and before she passed, wrote an article about our Holmes being Scotts. So as far fetched as you think this might be.. it is actually very possible. DNA is a fascinating world, if you haven’t had it done.. I highly suggest it. It can answer a lot of questions. Has NOTHING to do with telling you medical facts.. but the DNA is fascinating to tell you the history. I had my oldest Uncle do DNA.. and I never would have gotten as far back with out it if I hadn’t. I use FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) and my Uncle is HO31, on GeneticCousins. It costs if I remember right (just paid for a DNA test) $99.00 to start, that is for a 12 step. Gives you a few connections and 63 is actually the best to narrow things down.. but the start is exciting and exhilarating! They also have funds donated to help people get tested if you can’t afford it. So if you don’t want to have it done.. feel free to donate if you want.

ANWAY enough on DNA..

I hope to make progress in 2017.. and add onto that in 2018 at the Clan Gathering.

As always feel free to contact me; sitkasky@msn.com  if you have any questions or can provide ANY information or if you have anything to share. I love to hear from you all and I am ALWAYS searching for Holmes info..

Take care and check out the Holmes Facebook page, that is updated more often, search under: ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion… make sure you use all 4 words and no spaces





Well in 3 days we start driving to Calgary AB where we will then fly to London and then up to Glasgow Scotland where we will spend 2 weeks on the boat. The nice thing about this trips our friend Dana is going to meet us there. So this will be fun, till she learns to drive the boat!

We pick up our boat on Saturday so Thur and Friday we will go see Stirling Castle <www.stirlingcastle.gov.uk>, William Wallace Monument <www.nationalwallacemonument.com/sir-william-wallace> and then up to Perth to see the Poppies <www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-34967934>. Then Saturday afternoon we will pick up our boat.


I am sure Dana will do JUST FINE handling 52 feet of pure steel.. 🙂 I will video record.. especially the first time..

When we pick up our boat it will be at Falkirk. Which is like a divider between the Forth & Clyde Canal and the Union Canal. Since we are going to Edinburgh first, We will be going through the wheel and then when you exit, you go through a 690 yard of the Falkirk Tunnel where when we exit, we will probably find a spot to moor up and spend the night.

So that is the plan SO FAR.. can’t say what else, since we just never know. I know when we turn the boat in on the 1st October, we will bring the train down to London for a couple days before flying out to Calgary. Where we will then meet my kids (hopefully) in Banff and then go to the Hot Springs.

Till later.. y’all take care.. 🙂



I hope you are coming…

Saturday August 6th.. I WILL BE AT THE PARK AT 10AM… I think I told most everyone.. 11.. but I am going early because there is SO MUCH happening that day in the Park and surrounding area.. I need to get a parking spot so I can get my stuff to the pavilion. SO.. Pot Luck.. bring like salad and other good stuff.. there will be pulled pork sandwiches and cake and cupcakes, provided and I will have SOME water.

Sign in, get a wrist band and post a photo of someone you love and are missing on the memory board.. Don’t forget to sign (markers provided) also on the Holmes Crest..PLEASE.

I was going to bring my scanner.. and I thought… why do that??? I have a cell phone AND camera. Isn’t that great… my own scanner machine in my pocket 🙂

I am looking forward to seeing you all!!! So if you haven’t let me know you were coming and just show up.. hey that is okay too.. Family ❤

See you guys in a week..


I will be at pavilion about 10 am, if you are there early.. have a seat, I hope to not be to late!

Bring a photo for memory tree

bring a towel for kids, there is a splash pad beside us (and a lake)

bring a lawn chair, not sure how many places in pavilion

bring a cousin.. mom~ dad.. bring family..

If you have anything passed down to you, PLEASE bring it if you want to share.

((I apologize now.. I will not be bringing the TA Holmes bible, it is falling apart. But I do have a copy of the pages))

Raffle items will be there to see.. ONLY one item, will have a level to reach.. that is the Holmes Family book. WHY. Because it is ridicously expensive to make. Tickets will be $5.ºº

AND… as a kind of door prize.. I have a DNA test to give to someone that gets the lucky number 🙂

Well again.. HOPE to see you there. Please bring a chair and something for pot luck you would like to share. Anyone want to bring chips? I will fix a pasta salad.. 🙂

Hopefully.. I have not forgotten to say anything on here.. 😐




OKAY… I m taking a break from the cook book.. I have to seriously thank the ones who sent in recipes.. if I need more you will be the FIRST I contact 🙂 OH.. by the way.. still waiting on a few who said they would get a couple to me.. PLEASE HURRY.. I am getting it together this weekend.. IF I don’t harm… 1. computer 2. program I am using. So far.. it is short but sweet 🙂 again THANK YOU for sending in a recipe.. Those that want to .. you still can.. and they don’t have to be special.. just something..


Our cousin ❤ Rich Vaughan, offered to BBQ beef tips and make BBQ sandwiches for the Reunion. I am NOT sure how much per person.. but would anyone be at all interested? We were thinking more of the out of town people if we had a pot luck and that could make for a whole lot of veggie trays.. Right now.. we are just tossing the idea around. We aren’t sure of a price.


wow it is getting so close to the Reunion.. I am looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone.. IF.. you would PLEASE in the comments.. put your name and how many are coming.. I really need more then just a word of mouth or a guess (on my end) so please leave in comments (blog or Facebook page)

If there is anything else you want to talk about, ask about or ideas for.. please let me know. I am doing raffle tickets.. contact me and will give you address to send money to for that. <sitkasky@msn.com>

Finally.. I WILL NOT BE DOING THIS BLOG AFTER THE REUNION 06 AUGUST 2016. I will how ever keep the Holmes reunion page active on Facebook. If anyone has Reunions coming up this year or in 2017 they want to post on Facebook please also tag my ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion on Facebook..