If you are checking out this page… I am no longer writing on it, at least until something exciting happens.. so mean time PLEASE check out the face book page

Feel free to send it to others in the family and have them come check it out.. YES it does say reunion as if I change it I will loose it. So it stays as a reunion page and who knows perhaps one day there will be another one. So go to Facebook, check it out PLEASE PLEASE leave your name, how connected and a photo if you have it scanned!!

Look forward from hearing from you and as always you can reach me at :

and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all of you 🙂




Just in planning stages

I am planning a “genealogy trip” to Ireland for 2017. Not sure the when yet, but it will be the Northern part of Ireland. Not only do I hope to find some kind of information, but I hope to sneak in a quick hello to my cousins in Donegal!

The BIG trip will be for the Clan Home Gathering in August of 2018 in Ireland! Yep.. so excited about going to that. And Scottish you say… yes, it is there. MY THEORY is.. our Holmes (once way back Home) came from Scotland into Ireland. I use to think the stories were crazy.. NAH we’re Irish… well Scotts-Irish.. and I have to admit.. even my DNA shows Scottish Ancestry.. its like the 4th or 5th generation.. but ya… it’s there. Plus it will be a marvelous time to see the Home Castle


hume_castle_1000-1000x294Borders Visit & Clan Gathering 2018 Dates

November 19, 2016NewsCharles Home
In early November, Gos Home (Chairman of the HCPT) and Charles Home (CHA Convenor) spent a few days in the Borders, staying as usual at Mansefield, a brilliant B&B at the eastern end of Greenlaw, run by Pippa & Tim Culham. They are, in addition to being excellent hosts, mines of local information and their place is unreservedly recommended.

The Borders looked beautiful. Clear blue skies and autumnal trees showed the area off at its best.

The task there was twofold:

Firstly, now that the extra land to the south of Hume Castle is in Association and Trust hands, meetings had been set up with Tweed Forum, the Borders Council and Historic Environment Scotland in Edinburgh. These meetings were very positive and a path forward, towards the goal of archeological works showing parts of the original Hume village on the castle slopes, was identified.

Secondly to start planning the main locations for the Clan Gathering in August 2018. The Gathering dates have been set for the weekend of 11th and 12th of August with possible events on the Friday 10th and also Monday 13th. More details about these venues will be available once firm bookings have been confirmed. It seems a long way away, but plans have started, hopefully to make the 2018 Gathering the best yet. Some task after the huge success of the 2013 event, admittedly, but very doable.

The time spent around Hume was fast-paced and exhilarating. A wonderful reminder of how fortunate we all are to be associated with such a beautiful landscape, people and ever-intertwining story.


I also know.. through DNA testing that our Rev William Holmes (two of them) of Islandmagee and Donegal both attended seminary school in Scotland. Plus we have also had a cousin do extensive research and before she passed, wrote an article about our Holmes being Scotts. So as far fetched as you think this might be.. it is actually very possible. DNA is a fascinating world, if you haven’t had it done.. I highly suggest it. It can answer a lot of questions. Has NOTHING to do with telling you medical facts.. but the DNA is fascinating to tell you the history. I had my oldest Uncle do DNA.. and I never would have gotten as far back with out it if I hadn’t. I use FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) and my Uncle is HO31, on GeneticCousins. It costs if I remember right (just paid for a DNA test) $99.00 to start, that is for a 12 step. Gives you a few connections and 63 is actually the best to narrow things down.. but the start is exciting and exhilarating! They also have funds donated to help people get tested if you can’t afford it. So if you don’t want to have it done.. feel free to donate if you want.

ANWAY enough on DNA..

I hope to make progress in 2017.. and add onto that in 2018 at the Clan Gathering.

As always feel free to contact me;  if you have any questions or can provide ANY information or if you have anything to share. I love to hear from you all and I am ALWAYS searching for Holmes info..

Take care and check out the Holmes Facebook page, that is updated more often, search under: ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion… make sure you use all 4 words and no spaces





Well in 3 days we start driving to Calgary AB where we will then fly to London and then up to Glasgow Scotland where we will spend 2 weeks on the boat. The nice thing about this trips our friend Dana is going to meet us there. So this will be fun, till she learns to drive the boat!

We pick up our boat on Saturday so Thur and Friday we will go see Stirling Castle <>, William Wallace Monument <> and then up to Perth to see the Poppies <>. Then Saturday afternoon we will pick up our boat.


I am sure Dana will do JUST FINE handling 52 feet of pure steel.. 🙂 I will video record.. especially the first time..

When we pick up our boat it will be at Falkirk. Which is like a divider between the Forth & Clyde Canal and the Union Canal. Since we are going to Edinburgh first, We will be going through the wheel and then when you exit, you go through a 690 yard of the Falkirk Tunnel where when we exit, we will probably find a spot to moor up and spend the night.

So that is the plan SO FAR.. can’t say what else, since we just never know. I know when we turn the boat in on the 1st October, we will bring the train down to London for a couple days before flying out to Calgary. Where we will then meet my kids (hopefully) in Banff and then go to the Hot Springs.

Till later.. y’all take care.. 🙂



I hope you are coming…

Saturday August 6th.. I WILL BE AT THE PARK AT 10AM… I think I told most everyone.. 11.. but I am going early because there is SO MUCH happening that day in the Park and surrounding area.. I need to get a parking spot so I can get my stuff to the pavilion. SO.. Pot Luck.. bring like salad and other good stuff.. there will be pulled pork sandwiches and cake and cupcakes, provided and I will have SOME water.

Sign in, get a wrist band and post a photo of someone you love and are missing on the memory board.. Don’t forget to sign (markers provided) also on the Holmes Crest..PLEASE.

I was going to bring my scanner.. and I thought… why do that??? I have a cell phone AND camera. Isn’t that great… my own scanner machine in my pocket 🙂

I am looking forward to seeing you all!!! So if you haven’t let me know you were coming and just show up.. hey that is okay too.. Family ❤

See you guys in a week..


I will be at pavilion about 10 am, if you are there early.. have a seat, I hope to not be to late!

Bring a photo for memory tree

bring a towel for kids, there is a splash pad beside us (and a lake)

bring a lawn chair, not sure how many places in pavilion

bring a cousin.. mom~ dad.. bring family..

If you have anything passed down to you, PLEASE bring it if you want to share.

((I apologize now.. I will not be bringing the TA Holmes bible, it is falling apart. But I do have a copy of the pages))

Raffle items will be there to see.. ONLY one item, will have a level to reach.. that is the Holmes Family book. WHY. Because it is ridicously expensive to make. Tickets will be $5.ºº

AND… as a kind of door prize.. I have a DNA test to give to someone that gets the lucky number 🙂

Well again.. HOPE to see you there. Please bring a chair and something for pot luck you would like to share. Anyone want to bring chips? I will fix a pasta salad.. 🙂

Hopefully.. I have not forgotten to say anything on here.. 😐




OKAY… I m taking a break from the cook book.. I have to seriously thank the ones who sent in recipes.. if I need more you will be the FIRST I contact 🙂 OH.. by the way.. still waiting on a few who said they would get a couple to me.. PLEASE HURRY.. I am getting it together this weekend.. IF I don’t harm… 1. computer 2. program I am using. So far.. it is short but sweet 🙂 again THANK YOU for sending in a recipe.. Those that want to .. you still can.. and they don’t have to be special.. just something..


Our cousin ❤ Rich Vaughan, offered to BBQ beef tips and make BBQ sandwiches for the Reunion. I am NOT sure how much per person.. but would anyone be at all interested? We were thinking more of the out of town people if we had a pot luck and that could make for a whole lot of veggie trays.. Right now.. we are just tossing the idea around. We aren’t sure of a price.


wow it is getting so close to the Reunion.. I am looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone.. IF.. you would PLEASE in the comments.. put your name and how many are coming.. I really need more then just a word of mouth or a guess (on my end) so please leave in comments (blog or Facebook page)

If there is anything else you want to talk about, ask about or ideas for.. please let me know. I am doing raffle tickets.. contact me and will give you address to send money to for that. <>

Finally.. I WILL NOT BE DOING THIS BLOG AFTER THE REUNION 06 AUGUST 2016. I will how ever keep the Holmes reunion page active on Facebook. If anyone has Reunions coming up this year or in 2017 they want to post on Facebook please also tag my ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion on Facebook..




Final Stretch Folks…

Okay this is the LAST WEEK I can get recipes from you… PLEASE if you haven’t sent me any.. which is a lot of people.. PLEASE if nothing else just send one. I can’t make this a FAMILY cook book if no one participates. I can’t believe how I have to beg and beg for help. This isn’t costing anyone anything.. but maybe 5 minutes of your time. PLEASE I don’t know how else to ask..
I have been trying to make this a GREAT REUNION.. I have been doing this all on my own dime. I don’t know what else TO DO..
So please.. send me a recipe.. JUST ONE.. that is all I ask.. so I can truly make this a FAMILY cook book.. I don’t mean to sound frustrated.. so I am sorry if I do. Just 🙂 please help.. PLEASE
If you want a cook book.. let me know.. I am taking orders now.. so I know HOW MANY to print up. The more I print.. The cheaper they will be.. I THINK they will be about $7 to $10.00 a piece, mol. Everyone who HAS ordered.. I will let you know as soon as I take them in to print.   Thank you…

I hope you have all gotten hotel rooms if you need them. I do have a few still reserved UNTIL SUNDAY the 17th of July.  The B&B and CdA Resort are no longer available at a discount. Fact is, I am not even sure if there are still rooms left at either place.

At the Reunion there will be a potluck… so if you know what you are bringing.. please let me know. I am going to try to have some hamburgers/hotdogs there.  But since I can’t get an accurate count of HOW MANY people will actually be there.. I hope I get enough of each. So.. if you know what you are bringing.. PLEASE email me or leave a message in the comments.. a person count would also be nice… if you would also leave that. So instead of saying “Smith Family will be there” say Smith Family, 5 people will be there”. THAT would seriously help me out a WHOLE lot!!

That is it for now.. I am sure.. I will think of more.. when I do 🙂 I will let you know..

If you want to order t shirts or buy raffle tickets.. let me know.. and I will tell you where to send your money too for them.

HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL… with 🙂 1 recipe!!

(OH I know.. I DARE YOU to send me at least one recipe!! )



Reunion “37” Days Away :-)

Good Morning all.. it is actually 38 days away IF you count today.. June 30th (my Hubbys Birthday!)  I am nervous and excited. I am scared of things I will forget and things NOT done.. It isn’t easy doing this. I can only thank Kelli, Melanie (Holmes), Kathy and Judy for their support, their knowledge and help. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!

Okay.. I started planning this a year ago. I sent out invitations the end of 2015… I knew many had to plan for this reunion and I wanted to give them all time to arrange vacation time, and the trip. I have talked to some FAMILY from all over that said they were planning on coming.. I apologize for not keeping in contact more. It has been so crazy, and I was sick and that just messed up everything. I am trying to do the best I can. please when this reunion is over.. I promise.. more contact 🙂 you will be sick of me!

Being Northern Idaho this is not a centrally located area.. but we have one of the BEST most amazing areas to visit. And I swear.. you want to do anything IT IS HERE!  Anyway.. I had small hopes for the amount of people showing up and I had hoped and dreams at least a few new found family members would show up.. I got excited at the word TRY.. That is all I can ask for. And I know.. Reunions is NOT people favorite.. But this will have so much family info, so PLEASE people bring family photos, things, stories.. anything to share.. I will take my copier (paper and extra print cartridges) so we can all copy stuff..  I will be there about 10am.. maybe a little earlier.. there will be SO MUCH happening downtown and McEuen Park. So go check it out..  walk around and go check out stuff around us also. If you have a lawn chair, you might bring one. It would probably be more comfy then the benches at the tables.  and if there is no where to sit, you have a spot 🙂 be sure to put your name on tag (or bowl or anything you bring. If you bring photos to have shared or copied.. I will have plastic sleeves to put in and we can write your name on it. I just want to be able to get stuff back to people that might have forgotten something.

Okay.. here are UPDATES:

Hotels: I have canceled the ones at The Cove Inn B&B and the one at the Coeur d’Alene Inn and Resort. They may or may not still have rooms. I do however (until July 10th) have rooms held at the Motel 8 in Coeur d’ Alene.  I just can’t tell you anything more on the rooms as I have been to busy to even check and see what the might or might not have.

T-Shirts: I am taking orders for t-shirts. If you see one on the earlier posts or a sweat shirt, jacket. Let me know which one and what size, then I can get that ordered for you. But do it soon, if you want it for reunion, or it might not make it in time. I will have sent to you or to me, which ever you prefer.  Just.. let me know asap.. I will let you know how much it will total and you can send me a check to 3816 N Madison, Spokane. WA 99205.

Potluck: I ALWAYS look forward to pot lucks.. I remember grandma Ruby and Grandpa Jo having reunions at Aunt Deeds.. oh the food was marvelous.. and SO MUCH of it.. It seemed like we just ate ALL DAY! There will be a potluck at the reunion.. since I DO NOT have a way to make a “sign up sheet” please COMMENT ON THE BOTTOM.. what you would like to bring.

Also please.. comment at bottom and tell me HOW MANY will be in your party.. PLEASE.. I need a count.. a good strong count 🙂     (insert beg and grovel here)

Professional Genealogist: I really hate to say this. I was going to hire a professional genealogist to get over to Ireland\Scotland and seriously do some research on our Holmes and just find the stupid connection. I was willing to pay a good sized chunk of $$ to get the results. I then get a phone call that says.. basically I was asking for a lot. One reason is because in Ireland so many records were destroyed and they really have to dig and many MANY are not on the internet yet.. so it is actual digging through records. After being told it would triple in cost… putting it well over $10,000. I hung my head and realized until my “ship came in” this was one voyage I would have to wait on. SO.. I am so sorry my family. I guess you have to just go with what I have.

Raffle: I am selling tickets.. Just look at prior posts and tell me what you would like 🙂 send me $ at 3816 N Madison Spokane WA 99205. There are a lot of things.. so check it all out. Once I get what you would like, I will send you back your part of the raffle ticket.. don’t loose it.. 🙂

Cook Book: I am taking orders for the cook book. At this point I am NOT SURE how much they are. I am guessing $7-10.00 I just can’t see them being over 10..  The more that I get orders on, the less they will cost to produce. So let me know.. I can ONLT take orders till 22 July. Then I have to get to printers. I will have some at reunion to buy.

Family Sheet\Info Book: I have one that will be raffled off at the reunion.. It is right now, in a two inch binder. I am working at getting it as complete as possible. PLEASE if you have ANYTHING stories, articles, or photos on… Thomas Holmes b. 1776, John Armstrong Holmes,  Thomas Armstrong Holmes, James Monroe Holmes or Jo Quincy Holmes… PLEASE contact me at and share or here on Facebook.

I was asked if I would take orders and sell these. I will, but it would be after the reunion unless I get contacted right away that you do want one.. and at this point I have NO IDEA what they will cost. I will not let it be ridiculous that is unfair to everyone. But if you want one and are interested.. let me know. Also if your line say, branches off with someone else, and instead of Jo Quincy you want someone else…let me know BUT that will have to wait till after reunion and possibly the trip in Sept to Scotland. So let me know.. There are NO PROMISES ON THIS…

Well in closing.. I look forward to seeing family I have not seen in years, meeting new family members and I hope that if anyone wants to do a reunion again in a few years 🙂 I don’t help plan it.. lol. The hardest part if getting people to respond.. that is OKAY.. just come and show up… There WILL BE NAME TAGS.. sorry but like I said new family.. Again.. If you ARE COMING.. leave the names of those attending.. in the comment area. I need a good count.

Mean time HAPPY 4th of JULY!! be safe and remember.. dogs get scared of fireworks and they run! So put them in your house.. crank the radio up and YOU enjoy them.



Okay working on cook book.. Does ANYONE!!! have Appetizer/drink (non alcoholic) recipes they can send me like today or no later then Sunday??? I also might need a few dinner recipes also.. send to …

Also I am taking orders for t-shirts.. see prior posts. Let me know and I can get them ordered for you..  they also have cups and water  bottles.

AND 🙂 the raffle is OPEN.. if you want to buy any.. check out prior post for amount.. contact me and I will tell you where to mail money and I can get address where to mail the tickets to. The more you buy.. the better chance you get it 🙂

LASTLY.. going through photos.. and I am SURE there are going to be more.. Does ANYONE know who this is? (taken 2001)

If you know.. or think you know.. PLEASE email me..

Also if you have any UNKNOWN photos.. we can always put them on here.. you never know if someone might know who they are…




Reunion T-Shirts :-)

If anyone is interested in buying a Holmes T-shirt.. I will order you one.. they (off the top of my head) run with shipping about $27.00 a piece. I think there is a discount depending on how many you order 🙂 So all of you  🙂 order lots.

Here are some pictures of different designs … And I am sure.. there are many others also..

The first t shirt is a  WHITE (not blue as photo looks) Women’s T-shirt V neck… it is very soft cotton and X Large fits an X large

You can also get one that is simply HOLMES across the front or on the left side of t shirt..

Tell me what you might like.. and I will see if I can make it happen.
Let me know on here (or email: if you want to order one and I will tell you where to send the funds for it.. and will let you know how long it will take to get. Order soon, it takes time to make and ship to you!



(PS yes.. I know there is one in here that says Holms… didn’t find t shirt with the E in it. But YES when ordered, it will be HOLMES)



Dear Family,
Our Holmes Reunion is preparing a wonderful custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our family members. The cookbook will be professionally published, and it is certain to become a treasured keepsake.
Please submit 3–5 of your favorite recipes so your family can be represented in our group’s cookbook. Tell a story behind the recipe or send in a photo of the person who always made this recipe.
Your name will be printed with each of your recipes. Thank you ALL for contributing recipes as this will help to ensure that our cookbook will be a huge success.
We anticipate a great demand for our cookbooks, and we want to be certain to order plenty. You can reserve one or more for yourself and your family at this time to be assured of receiving them.

Please reserve _________ cookbook(s) for me.
Name ____________________________________________________

Please submit your recipes to Kelli <> BEFORE JUNE 26th, so we can meet our deadline. Thank you!

((or leave your info at the bottom of this in the comment section))


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